Monday, March 31, 2008

The bitch is back...

Just thought I would alert anyone that still reads this (cos I still get the odd page view) that my blog is:-


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Say goodbye...

Its been a while since I wrote and this will be the last blog that I type here.. I like to cut things into sections of my life, I had my first blog when I was with my ex Adrian, and then had Phoenix2k when I was in limbo and first with Rich.. This one revolved around the fun and frolics with myself, Richard, and newly found Lily Lee. Unfortunately, we have come to the end of this chapter and it is time to move on to the next. I did not want to post until I was 100% that it was going to be official, but me and Richard have officially gone our seperate ways. It was confirmed a while ago but we were both unsure whether or not there would be anything to salvage out of our two year relationship.

It was always quite amusing because although he would describe me as "loud and childish" and I would describe him as "toermenting and boring" but there was definitely something there that clicked and we ended up not only been partners, but becoming best friends. This made it all the harder to say goodbye when we realised that the partnership had gone and that we were living as mates. To give me my due, I bloody fought for a long while to try and get a sparkle back into the relationship, but it came to a point where I got past caring and when I spoke to Rich he felt the same.. Sounds awful that does but very true.

Its a bloody strange feeling, I tell thee.. Having someone there 99% of the time and then taking them away all of a sudden is weird. Luckily for me, my family (take away last night!) and friend(s) (going out tonight!) have been rallying around keeping me busy.

I was going to type that I had not yet shed a tear over all of this because I had come to terms with us not been together forever a long time ago. Unfortunately, after typing this, I now have.. Fucking puffs! Cant be with em, cant be without em!

Right, im going to fuck off now and do something to change my life... fish for Lochness or summink! (anyone know anyone that sells a VERY big net!?)

If anyone does want my new blog address when it comes to light, then please contact me on

Byeeeee XxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

Friday, March 02, 2007

New man..

I have a new man in my life and it is time to come out about it. His name is Mika and I think he is absolutely wonderful. Granted that I have never met him and he does not know I exist, but I know that he is in love with me, he just is not aware of it yet. Maybe I should send him an email and let him know. Hmm... I have bought his album and its the best album that I have purchased since the spice girls (oi! dont pull that face!) .. this brought on a decision and I have vowed to buy any new song I want now instead of downloading it from the free download songs! Ive also decided to start buying any albums I want in CD format as if your laptop goes bump then you lose everything if you use itunes and you cant re download it.. !

The sad thing is that because I love Mikas music, I know that he is bound to fail...

Not much else to say at the moment! :-(

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Doggy Specs??

My dogs nose is getting bigger by the day. We now think she has quite a bit of English Bull terrier in her (shame..) I was looking at her a couple of days back and I am convinced that a pair of nice doggy spectacles would suit her. She squints a lot too... Just a random thought.. Does any1 know if you can get a doggies eyes tested.. and if so does anyone know of a retailer for CK specs for her?! xx

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who would you be??

If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be?

The first suggestion I came up with was David Beckham, but if the game that I am thinking of means that you really have to take his life over completely, would I really want to deal with a wife and 3 kids?? Answer:- After locking myself in a room and doing wild and wonderous things to myself, I would rather have someone stick a cactus up my cake hole than go back to reality with a missus and pack of spuds!

If I had to live in the life of someone, I guess they would have to be either gay or have the potential to come out as big puffter... I would not want a wife nor children and not too much of a string of girlfriends as this may affect my coming out process. I would no older than 32 and I would need to be adored by at least 90% of the population. I would earn plenty of money and not have a history of drugs (there goes robbie) or violence (Colin Farrell is out) as these things always come back to haunt you in the media..

Eventually, I could not think of anyones life that fitted the whole of the above criteria who it would be interesting to stand in the shoes of..

I wonder what people like David Beckham worry about? I worry about going bald, about my wonky teeth, about my horrid dry skin that gets worse by the day, about piling on the pounds, about getting on to the property ladder, about been able to afford a nice holiday once a year, about whether people like me or not..... But what do you worry about when you have everything.. the looks, the wealth, the popularity? Thats another post altogether..

It would appear that I have got too much time on my hands..

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Break through..

We have had doggie deposits outside! Only wee so far but still very good!!

Im saving the fireworks for a poosie!!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Charge me WHAT??

Princess poopy drawers (Christened Lilly and "Oi! Stop it..") has been slowly but surely eating her way through my phone charger. She finally reached her goal a couple of days back and every time Ive tried to charge my phone, it emits a high pitched "eeeeeeeee" noise. I was holding out for her having another nash at it and it sending her flying across the room but I figured that, already have 17 cases open with the RSPCA, it may not been good to be known as a doggy serial killer.. so Tricky asked me if I wanted him to get a new one from a mobile shop across from his work yesterday. "Yes" I said. What I meant (and what he should have known, been my betrothed and the one who should know what I am thinking every minute of every day) was that if the price of it was anymore than £7.99 then not to bother as I had seen it cheaper online. £15.00... £15.00!!!! is what it has ended up costing me. I did a quick froogle on the chargers, just so I could have even more of a moan at him than I was going to in the first place, and found that I could have bought one for £2.99 with postage. What a cold hard slap in the balls!! To make matters worse, when he brought me the "should be gold plated" charger, it was not even a genuine Sony one! Insult to injury? Say no more.

Now it is sitting here looking at me, I am not sure whether to:-

a.) Frame it. (Would need big frame.. Will cost more money)
B.) Buy a safe for it to go in. (Safe would take up room.. Will cost more money)
C.) My final choice and by far the most sensible - When I have guests, I will simply somehow encorporate it into a party piece thus making it worth the fifteen english pounds.... I now just need to google "1000 party tricks for mobile phone chargers.."

This may be the closest I have come to divorce..;